International Shipping

Can you ship to my country? 

 Yes! We are happy to ship most items internationally.  Our website doesn't allow you to order online, please email us with your full address and a list of the items you are interested in.  We will email you back a shipping quote.  We currently accept PayPal as a payment method for international shipping. 

What shipping method do you use? 

We currently ship all of our international orders through the US Postal Service.  The package will be transferred to your local Post for delivery once the package has cleared customs in your country.  

What about taxes and duties? 

Taxes, duties and any tariffs are assessed by your country at the time of delivery.  These charges are not prepaid and are not part of the shipping fees that you pay to us.  

What currency are prices displayed in? 

All prices on our website are shown in US Dollars. 

How long will delivery take? 

In our experience, shipping through Priority Mail can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.   Delivery times can sometimes be longer or shorter depending on how backed up customs is.  Unfortunately, we can't control how long it takes for a package to clear customs.