Vent-free gas logs offer the look and feel of fire, along with a good to large amount of heat for the room or space they are located in, and do not require the venting of a fireplace flue or vent-pipe. Because they must burn their gas supply completely, the flame of a vent-free log is typically not as active, large or brilliant. They are designed, engineered, tested and certified to literally burn all of the gas they consume. (The vent free standard is in excess of 99% efficiency to ensure a safe and clean burn.) After the initial "burn-in" or break in period the logs should offer a clean, reliable heat supply as long as you perform periodic maintenance. All vent free products are equipped with oxygen depletion sensors. This true for any vent free appliance, regardless of manufacturer or price range and should not be considered a selling point or bonus feature.

Note:We have many different log sets available to us from leading manufactures such as Hargrove, Vanguard and Napoleon. Only a small amount of these are up on our site right now,if you are looking for a model you do not see please call or e-mail us, we would be happy to get you a quote on what you are looking for.