25 Cell 3" x 14" x 2" Canned Catalytic Combustor (CC-354)

Part number: CC-354
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25 Cell 3" x 14" x 2" Canned Catalytic Combustor (CC-354)

Replacement 3 x 14 x 2 25 Cell Catalytic Combustor with a metal band. This combustor fits the following woodstoves.

  • Craft Stoves CB-4426
  • Craft Stoves CB-4830

Manufactured by Condar in the U.S.A.
ACI part number ACI-37C

Condar combustors are guaranteed to contain sufficient catalytic precious metals (platinum and/or palladium) formulated and properly applied to conform to requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for certified wood-burning products, and when installed in USA are warranted for structural integrity for five years or 12,000 hours burn-time, whichever comes first, when correctly installed and maintained. Failure due to incorrect use, including with fuels other than dry natural wood, is excluded.

Remedies Under this Warranty

Condar Company will replace a defective combustor, free of charge, for the first 90 days following the date of original purchase. After the first 90 days, replacement will be at the following discount:

  • Year 1 - 50% rate
  • Year 2 - 40% rate
  • Year 3 - 30% rate
  • Year 4 - 20% rate
  • Year 5 - 10% rate

  • What that means to you is if you purchased a $100 combustor and it failed in year 3 you would pay $70 for a replacement while the other portion would be covered by the warranty.
    Please contact Condar Company to file a warranty at 1-828-894-8383, or www.condar.com, they handle all warranties on their products directly.
    Failure to send warranty card into manufacturer will result in manufacturer denying all warranty claims.